Internet: www.klara.be

Antwerpen-stad 92.0
Vlaams-Brabant 89.5
Limburg (B.) 89.9
Oost-Vlaanderen 90.4
West-Vlaanderen 90.4

kanaal 12A / 223,936 MHz

2 gedachten over “Klara

  1. Hi,
    I am living in Rotterdam and would love to receive the frequention of radio Klara in this city.
    Is it possible to receive this frequencie over here?
    I searched on the internet and couldn’t find it.

    1. Hi Peggy,

      You can’t receive Klara in Rotterdam over a portable radio, but you can receive Klara through your cable provider Ziggo.
      Ziggo transmits Klara via FM 95.60 MHz or digital with the Mediabox at channel 847. Klara is also available at other providers. If you have another provider then Ziggo, please visit the website of your provider.

      With kind regards,

      RTV-VIS NL

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